Marketing an Internet Presence - Network is a Verb

VERB™ It's what you do.

To network does - not - mean to simply join a networking platform, create a profile, and passively expect magic to happen. It requires action. It requires reaching out. That's right - it requires effort.

I've talked to many people over the years that complain about not getting anything out of their membership to a given networking platform. When I ask, "What exactly did you - do - after joining the networking platform?" The response (all too often) is, "Do?"

There are millions of - inactive - members of networking platforms. Unfortunately, that translates into million of people that are not realizing the benefit of on-line networking.

Network: It's what you - do - that counts.

There are obviously multitudes of ways one can take action and reach out. You can reach out directly to specific individuals through personal messages/emails or indirectly by posting blogs on topics of common interest, subject matter expertise, etc., or starting a club/forum around a common interest, subject matter expertise, etc. They all require action.

Many of us belong to some on-line networking platforms but all on-line networking platforms are not created equal.

I believe so strongly in the power of building an Internet Presence by leveraging on-line networking that I built a website just to discuss specifically how to do this.

Happy Networking!

Ron Bates

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