How Network Marketing Works Online

Online network marketing means marketing of products or services over the internet. It is a comprehensive term that means marketing a product or service with the help of a network of representative or agents who are self-employed. It is often considered that network marketing or MLM exclusively over the internet is next to impossible. However, this is not true. Online network marketing similar to any online business is considered to be a number game. This is because it has been seen that only 1% of the people who visit the sites shows interest in the business.

However, online network marketing deals with generating leads, qualifying the leads and finally following the leads till an action is taken which may be either buying the product or joining the business as an agent.

The working of an online network marketing starts with generating leads. The first question that comes to our mind is how leads can be generated. Online network marketing becomes easier if there is an already existing website. But where there is no existing website, a website needs to be created. The newly created website should be linked to the MLM Company’s website. The newly created website should be submitted to the different search engines and countless ways should be adopted to drive traffic towards it. Besides, an electronic newsletter has to be published. It must be about a relevant topic and also on a usual basis that helps to build a significant list of subscribers. However, a significant amount of time is required to create a considerable amount of traffic and subscribers to the site.

However, leads should also be generated in different ways. The two different ways that can be used are paid advertisement, which can be used both for the business and also the product and paid leads.

The next step in the process of online network marketing is qualifying the leads. However, the online generated leads are already prequalified as they have searched the site and at least interested in knowing in details about the offer. This saves a lot of time that is wasted in offline lead generation. Another way of generating qualified leads is paid advertisement or paid leads. In both the cases time is not wasted in trying to generate a qualified lead as they themselves search the site. Thus it becomes easier as the people interested in the offer themselves visit the site and make necessary inquiries.

The final step in the process of MLM business is to follow the leads till they take an action. The advantage that online network marketing provides is the capability to automate the follow-ups. Whenever a person visits the site, his email address should be added to prospect’s list and then follow-up messages should be sent to them periodically. Auto responders can also be used for this purpose. This is software that helps in sending follow-up messages that are pre-written to the prospect’s list periodically. Thus the process can be automated and thus saves time that can be utilized in generating leads.

Running an online network marketing business is not easy. It involves lot of hard work, persistence, commitment and consistency. Online network marketing is an end to the cold calling that is needed in offline lead generation. The work of sponsoring and selling is left on the internet. Most of the online MLM companies have online tools that help them to flourish their business. The online tools are the websites that are personalized and the opt-in page. Any prospect having interest in network marketing business will visit the site and leave his contact details like name, email address in the opt-in page.

These people can then be sent follow-up messages periodically till they take an action. In this process cold calling the prospects can be avoided but the prospects can be acquainted with the business as well as contact can be made with them online.
The use of internet has totally changed the network marketing business. The new trend of MLM business is network marketing that is based on the internet. Online network marketing has made the network marketing business easier. Earlier people used to talk to others and thus generate leads for their network marketing business. But now it is done through the internet which does not require personal interaction with the leads. It is a passive means of spreading the message of the business to the prospects.

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